The main criterion for choosing the best noise cancelling headphones is their destination. From it will depend and need a form, and the level of noise absorption and many other important factors. A great role is played by the presence or absence of a microphone along with the speakers, because it depends on whether the protective headphones depend on noise in situations where it is necessary to simultaneously communicate with colleagues and suppress extraneous sounds.

If you need headphones from noise in the workplace, and the work is conveyor or simply not requiring communication with colleagues, then the best option will be headphones against noise, which can absorb up to 115 dB. They should fit snugly to the head. There are no restrictions on the material of the hull and the ear cups, the main thing is that the structure should hold well and do not interfere with the specialist in the process of use.

For home use, devices that can reproduce music and absorb noise up to 20 dB are suitable. The main requirement is the presence of comfortable ear-cups, with which you can fall asleep and not be injured while doing so. Very often, as a supplement to such devices, a special fixative bandage is used.

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If you need best noise cancelling headphones to protect against the average noise level, but with additional devices, then it is worth choosing from the famous manufacturers who can provide a wide range of quality solutions with speakers, a microphone and a noise absorption level of up to 120 dB. With more noise, negotiations are often impossible, although modern manufacturers have begun to equip microphones with protective accessories to reduce background noise.

GOST on headphones from noise

According to GOST, headphones for noise protection must meet the following requirements:

  • The maximum force of pressure on the headboard should not exceed 14 H;
  • finished products should be adjacent to the ears and head tightly and without gaps;
  • When falling, materials should not be deformed or broken;
  • maximum shock absorber pressure should not exceed 4500 Pa;
  • If the shock absorber has a liquid inside, its leakage is inadmissible;
  • products must have a high resistance to fire;
  • the material of manufacture must be hypoallergenic;
  • All structural details must be rounded without sharp transitions and sharp edges;
  • Change of shock absorbers should be carried out without the use of special tools.

According to GOST, the headboard for articles can be of several types:

  • with fastening on the helmet;
  • standard;
  • folding or occipital (cervical).

The standard version has a mount that fits comfortably on the head and even on the helmet. Folding fastening makes it possible to conveniently store products, and the occipital clasp wraps around the neck from behind. The latter option is often preferred by specialists who are uncomfortable wearing headphones over the helmet.

Headphones with noise suppression are very often used in industries with increased noise levels. The most expensive and complex options are able to cope with the level of 115 dB, and the standard is noise suppression to 27 dB. At the same time, each manufacturer has its own materials and manufacturing methods that fit into the GOST framework, but at the same time retain the individuality of their brands.

There are best noise cancelling headphones from noise active and passive type . Active contain not only sound-absorbing elements, but also speakers with a microphone, which allows communication among several users of the device.


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